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Life just isn't the same withOUT one...

  Welcome to... A Boxer World

  About Us...

We are dedicated to raising healthy happy pups in the comfort of our home to help bring you a loyal companion, a caring friend, and a joyful addition to your home and family. 

We take the owning & breeding of our wonderful Boxers very seriously. We strive to produce healthy, intelligent, loving, happy, well socialized, and family oriented Boxer puppies with impeccable temperaments, and conformation, that exemplify the boxer breed standard.

You will not find a more devoted and affectionate companion and nonstop entertainment for your family then a BOXER. They thrive in family environments and are known for their great affection for children.

If you have been fortunate to know a Boxer, then you probably noticed their unique ability to steal your heart and chisel a special place for themselves as a family member. It does Not take long to notice the intelligence, individualism, unmistakable, personality, and unforgettable affection each Boxer possesses.

We Provide

- Purebred Boxer Puppies For Sale

- AKC Boxer Stud Services

- At Home Dog Boarding


Thank You For Showing Interest in Our Boxers

            -Marisol (Proud Boxer Momma)

Father & Son

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